Our "Ex-Caravan"  1998 Award Twinstar 

(Being towed by our "Ex-car")

This is the advert for its sale, 23/02/02, but we've kept the web page for now, as a reminder kind of thing.

(Picture below)

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It's been stored inside in low light from new. This means no fading or crumbly mastic - it still looks new.

It's been stored with permanent hook-up and frost protection.

It's been meticulously maintained and enhanced from day one.

So, we are quite literally talking better than new inside and out.

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You won’t find many of these around. They were introduced in 1997, but were not quite sorted with the swiveling armchair facing a blank wall and a bed that was virtually impossible to make.

In 1998 they got it right, redesigning the layout slightly and putting in an extra picture window  to give two picture windows ( one on each side) in the front lounge/dinette.

With the range being rationalised and huge price cuts needed in 1999 the luxury Twinstar couldn't continue.

Now don’t judge the interior of this caravan before you see it. Standard 1998 Awards had strange colour schemes. This one is much better.

If you’re not sure what the layout is like it is very similar to the Superstar (External dimensions and weights are near enough identical), but with a few important differences.

It is a 4 berth van with a double bed at each end.

(Picture below)

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The front features a full width built in sofa and a separate swivel arm chair. It is very comfortable and makes the "lounge" look incredibly spacious. There are picture windows on both sides making it very light and airy. Trust me, you won’t miss not having a large rooflight.

(Picture below)
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The Twinstar’s washroom is very different to the Superstar’s in that it features a separate shower, which is a delight to use (and in this one is also properly waterproof, has an extractor fan and of course looks new.

One aspect of the rear dinette better than most is the fact that you have space to get out of bed with the sliding door/partition closed.

Storage is no problem as there is more cupboard space liberated by not having an internal water tank. Before you throw up your hands in horror, I have installed a water system which has proved to be much much better. There are two separate water inlets (side by side), where you connect the two special 40 ltr. aquarolls and two pumps (included in the sale). These feature water level sensors.

The result is that when one aquaroll (let’s call it A) runs out, it automatically switches to the other (let's call it B). It can switch mid-shower and all you will notice is a little splutter during the change! The pumps can never run dry. You simply refill the now empty A with B still connected and working. Indicator lights inside the ‘van show you which ‘roll is empty.

The system gives you a true uninterrupted water supply. What is more, if you’re very lazy, with both ‘rolls full you have 80 uninterrupted ltr’s of water on tap.

 (Picture below)
 (Picture below) - You can just about see the plug-in sensors for the water system.

Other standard specification includes Alko Euro axles with shock absorbers, Tyron bands, Spare wheel and Alko carrier, Alko jack and winder.

Other improvements (above and beyond the top of the range standard spec.) include:

        Extractor fan in shower.

        Upgraded extractor over the cooker (the original was pathetic).

        Second battery and advanced charger in a fan ventilated (to the outside) container, to allow you to watch TV for more than 10 min. when not on hook-up.

        Keyfob remote light control also now works the alarm, with sensors inside, on the door and on the wheelclamp!!

        Automatic gas changeover system.

        External Gas and Mains sockets.

        Alko 2500 stabilising hitch.

        Pneumatic levellers (X2) (up to 7" lift).

        The ‘van came with a loose-lay carpet over a vinyl wood effect floor. Magazine articles say how good this is. Rubbish. The carpet moves about and muck finds its way underneath. Fine, so you take up the carpet. It now feels cold in winter, and every footprint or bit of fluff shows on the vinyl. I speak from experience. We’ve had a quality (steam and strong detergent cleanable) carpet fitted which makes the ‘van look larger, more elegant, is easy to clean and is bullet proof. A quick vax and it’s as good as new. (If you really want to revert to the original I have the lovely brown carpet still wrapped in its cover which you are welcome to have).

        The revolting orange oven and hob found on most 1998 Awards have been upgraded to a current dark brown all in one cooker. The orange front to the carver heater and the cooker hood have been professionally re-coated in "antique black" – actually very nice.

        There is now a PIR light over the door and matching light on offside above the locker and cassette hatch.

        There is a built in (and I mean properly) CD player and radio with remote control - and of course sub woofer! (NOTHING like the bodges you usually see, professional or otherwise).

        There is a much upgraded TV antenna system, with the standard status AND the latest directional matching antenna with its own amplifier for use in weak signal areas.

        1.5" rigid wastepipes throughout with a single articulating outlet (see rear of caravan below).

I have seen DIY "upgrades" on caravans before. Most fall into the category of "Oh dear I wish they hadn’t bothered". I can assure you that the upgrades on this ‘van are either at or above factory fit quality. You really need to see for your self.


(Picture below)



Included in the sale are these separate items.

2 40 ltr. water level sensing aquarolls

2 Water pumps

Wastemaster - see under rear of van above.

Pneumatic levellers - the red things under the wheels in the offside view picture.

Gas cylinder

2 Batteries



Alarm connected wheel clamp.

In fact, "Hitch up and go!" - we'll even include a melamine dinner service if this is your first van!.



Tow cars: I weighed the van on collection from new and it weighed 1365kg.

The maximum towing weight is 1700kg.

I use a Vauxhall Senator which weighs 1590kg and we have never towed above this weight (which would be illegal anyway). We haven’t had to count every sock to achieve this either.

If your vehicle has a kerb weight of 1575kg or more, this will be fine, IF your car is fairly powerful AND you are reasonably experienced AND don’t try and race the reps. The van with its length, twin axles, shock absorbers and stabilizing hitch is incredibly stable!


(If you are even remotely interested you will need to see the van in the flesh otherwise you will not be able to judge its true worth. The corny phrase "First to see will buy" springs to mind. Only once you’ve see the ‘van will you be able to compare it with what else you could buy for the money).