Vauxhall Senator 3.0 24V.

Sold in 2002 - Again I kept this For Sale page to fill up space!

(Picture below) 


 For those not fully aware of the car’s specification and features, here is a summary:

The car is maintained by myself with oil changes every 3000 miles (I installed a pit and hoist in my garage when I owned an Opel Monza GSE, which was then replaced with a 12V Senator B and now the 24V Senator). I have over 10 years experience in maintaining straight 6 GM’s.

Within the last three years I have had the air conditioning overhauled, including a new uprated condenser radiator (almost every Senator I’ve seen has leaked refrigerant from the original unit).

The main radiator has also been renewed and a new viscous fan assembly has been fitted.

I took the plunge and spent 1000 on a new automatic gearbox and torque converter built by a specialist (has only covered 5000 miles). They even fitted the very latest gearbox ECU to give the best gear changing.


 Please don’t think that this is a boy racer car. The 17" alloys were bought when the originals were stolen and the TSW items proved cheaper than new GM wheels.

The top quality Jetex exhaust was put on because it was offered in a sale for less than a standard system. The system is not all stainless, because the stainless systems on offer are usually very very loud – great for traffic light posing, tiresome on the motorway. This system gives a pleasant low rumble! Cat replacers have been fitted as part of this system.

The grill is entirely my fault as I think the standard unit spoils what is otherwise a very attractive car. If you don’t like it, it’s very easy to replace.

The flush fitting side repeater indicators were replaced when I got sick of the originals filling with water.

The car is also fully equipped for towing with Monroe levelling rear shocks, detachable towball and bar end along with hidden twin sockets (with the towball detached there is no sign of towing gear to spoil the lines of the car. (see the picture below). There is also a proper additional oil cooler for the gearbox.

The car has remote central locking and additional alarm sensors in the front door handles, which have proved effective more than once.

More recently I have begun to upgrade the ICE provision. You will find a  power amp, better speakers, etc - but you won't find bass boxes or battery sapping/boot filling mega sub-woofers.

 (Picture below)